29 July 2016

The Challenges in 2016!

Hello peeps! (is there any?)
What a long time for me to write here again.
So many things happen in my life for the past few months.

I'm now working at Jabatan Kesihatan WP KL & Putrajaya.
Started Mac 2016, with my fat tummy containing baby; just about to give birth within 2-3 weeks.
My new working environment is quite interesting.
Meeting new people with new bossess and colleague.
New environment (i had to climb up the 3 storey building at least 2 times a day during working hours!!!).
New traffic all the way to and back from work .
And I had to face TRAFFICK JAM, which i never experience before in JB (in terms of going to work).
At first, i feel like crying, but now I'm getting used to it.

On 18th March 2016, nicely on my due date, Im giving birth to a handsome, cute & genius baby boy, named Isma Kazim (although many people quiry about his name, whatever it is, I love the name so much).
He is 4 months already.
Smiling like a lava, giggling, playing, crying, is all he mastered.
Can also pronounce "MA" (which refer to me), "PAH" (which refer to his grandmother) and "DDII" (which refer to his Daddy).
He is definitely different from his brother; Wajdi, but i love them both so much!
Wajdi is very excited to play with his sibling. He even took his brother tiny finger to dig his (Wajdi) nose.
With Kazim's birth, my life slightly change, with never ending house chores, TIRED is a must.

Talking about changes, this incident TOTALLY change my life.
Around May 2016, my husband caught with an accident with Navara.
He was riding a motorcycle, and most of the time, motorist receive the worst effect.
He got his bone fractured at right leg with both hands.
Warded for a week, with 2 times of operation, he is now recovering, Alhamdulillah.

Before this, I am all depends on him.
But now, I have to be strong to take care of him, kids and ME.

Before this, every weekend, we will go out for leisure with our kids.
But now, the tendency to go out is very minimal. (he is using wheelchair)

Before this, we plan to send our kids to nursery during our working ours.
But now, my parent take care of their grandchild at our house.
This is the good thing, Im always with my parent now.

Now, the area around Putrajaya (where our home is) is in my hand.
Driving to hospital, klinik or any other place (buy foods, groceries) now is just me.

Im so lucky to have someone (our parents & relatives) helping us in our daily life, regarding kids and many things that cannot be briefly describe here.

I pray for our happiness, good health and may Allah Bless and Protect us always.